Betway Registration 100% Bonus in 1 minute

Betway Registration is easy. Today. I will explain the step-by-step process of registering with Betway. The Betway online registration requires you to keep your ID handy. We will provide you with a SignUp code or a Bonus code which you will use to register a Betway account and gain a 100% sign up Bonus.

Betway is one of the best international sports betting companies. They cover a lot of sports betting such as soccer, also known as football, Basketball, sports betting, tennis, table tennis, ice hockey, MMA, Rugby Cricket, Badminton, Formula 1, Esports, Baseball, Handball, Golf, Boxing, Motorsport, American Football, Cycling, Snooker, Darts, Water polo, Futsal, Biathlon curling.

How to register a new Betway account

Betway registration

  1. Visit the Betway registration page here.
  2. Fill the registration form and click next.
  3. A second form will appear to fill it.
  4. Then tick the two agreement boxes and click the Register button.

That Sounds simple. Below I will explain the registration process in detail.

The Betway registration page

Betway registration

To access the Betway registration page, click here. The Betway registration involves two significant processes. But first, I would advise if you keep your ID card handy as Betway takes KYC seriously. If you use another person’s detail to register, they will not allow you to withdraw. So now you are on the Betway registration page, the next thing to do is fill the Betway registration form.

Fill the registration form.

To fill the Betway registration form, below is the step-by-step process you are to follow.

  1. Enter your phone number in the first section of the form behind your country’s dialling code. It will be perfect if you take off the first zero that starts your phone number.
  2. The following input section is for you to input your desired password. The password must be up to 8 characters mixed with letter and numbers.
  3. The following section is where you are to provide your first name. Make sure you provide your first name as it is on your ID card.
  4. The following section is where you are to provide your last name. Make sure you provide your last name as it is on your ID.
  5. The following input section is for you to provide your valid email address. Kindly make sure your email address is valid. You can verify by logging in to your mail.

Now you are done with the first step, kindly click next

The second form.

Betway register

The second Form of Betway online registration is easy to fill, and it will collect a few personal information from you.

  1. Choose your date of birth in the first section requesting your date of birth. Be sure your input is as it is on your ID card.
  2. Type your house address exactly as it is on your ID card in the section requesting your house address.
  3. Next, select your state in the state section of the Betway online registration form. Kindly verify if your desired shape is the same on your ID Card.
  4. Leave the next section, which asks you for a signup code.

Once you have completed Betway online registration process, you will see a pop up displaying the phone number you used to register Betway as the account number. Take proper note of this, and the next you, you will use it regularly for logging in to your Betway deposit (depositing money to your Betway account).

On the popup, you will see deposit now and deposit later buttons. The deposit now will take you to the Deposit page to make a Deposit, While the deposit later will take you to the homepage of the site. You need to May a Deposit to receive the 100% Betway registration bonus. You can use the Betway Registration Bonus, which you received on your first deposit, to stake games. Please don’t panic. I will explain the process of Betway Deposit.


How to fund a Betway account


To make a Betway deposit, you need to click the deposit button at the top of the page, and it will take you to the Betway deposit page, where you will see the Betway deposit options available. Bear in mind Betway deposit options vary based on your country. Betway Deposit Options Available in my country will be different from the ones available in your country. On the Betway deposit page, you will also see limits attached to each deposit option and how long deposits take to process your deposit (processing time) for each deposit method. Below is the list of Betway deposit options Available in Nigeria.

  1. Flutterwave.
  2. Paystack.
  3. Credit Card.
  4. Debit Card.
  5. Bank transfer.
  6. Opay.
  7. GT Bank *737#.
  9. Interswitch Quickteller.
  10. Paga.

Choose your desired payment option and enjoy a smooth deposit process with Betway. Note that when you click any of these deposit options, and instructions of the deposit process will appear, and you can follow the process and make a Betway Deposit.

How to withdraw money from Betway

Betway withdrawal

Betway withdrawal is very is simple and easy. Below are steps o how to withdraw money from Betway

  1. Log in to your Betway account and navigate to My account at the top of the page.                                                                                                                                  
  2. Click withdraw funds.
  3. Select the withdrawal option from the withdrawal form and your bank account details. 
  4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click proceed                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Betway withdrawal Options

Bank account Minimum for bank transfer is 1000 maximum is 10 million

PAGA Paga is Minimum #100 ……#20000 maximum


OPAY. Opay Minimum is #100 …… #1mil maximum

Withdrawals with Betway may take up to 24 – 48 working hours or less to be processed.

Before your first withdrawal is processed, Betway will ask for your government-issued ID to verify your identity. Note that this is a one-time process.

That’s it. We just made Betway registration very easy. Were you able to find the process of Betway online registration easy? Please kindly let us know. Before you leave, there is something we would like to let you know.

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Betway withdrawal

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