hollywoodbets registration. Simple steps to do Hollywoodbets Register

Hollywoodbets Register is an act of completing the Hollywoodbets registration process and, in turn, Hollywoodbets log in. This article will help you Complete Hollywoodbets registration in 5 minutes. Kindly get your National ID, driver’s license, International passports(for foreign residents in South Africa), and utility bill handy Because it is strictly required for Hollywoodbets registration.

Hollywoodbets is a sports betting company (bookmaker) based in South Africa. Our research shows that they also operate in the United Kingdom. Further research helped us to understand that they are strong Competitors with 1xbet and Betway. Hollywoodbets punters who actively place bets on their website daily.

Why choose Hollywoodbets

Why choose to do Hollywoodbets Registration

Hollywoodbets sportsbook offers hundred of betting options. Their betting platform also covers horse racing, casino, basketball volleyball, horse racing, and lottery. Most South Africans like the lottery because it gives everyone a chance to hit or win the jackpot with lucy numbers. That is why Hollywoodbets has gained so much popularity in the South African Betting market. Below Are more features of Hollywoodbets that would make you do the Hollywoodbets register.

  1. Classic platform, easy to navigate.
  2. Fast loading mobile view that is very light saves data.
  3. Live betting with a wide range of options
  4. A wide variety of betting options
  5. It gives you the ability to play casinos and lucky numbers online  

Hollywoodbets registration process

Hollywoodbets register page

Hollywoodbets Registration

Hollywoodbets register page is the page where you will complete the Hollywoodbets registration process. Click here to navigate to the Hollywoodbets register page and follow the steps below to complete the Hollywoodbets registration process. Please note that you must fill the registration form with the exact details on your proof of identification and address verification.

  1. Select yours in the first option of the form.
  2. Would you please enter your first name as it is on your proof of identity?
  3. Would you please enter your Surname as it is on your proof of identity?
  4. Select the type of Identity card you possess
  5. Enter the number of your ID
  6. Select your gender
  7. Enter your mobile number
  8. Enter a valid email address.
  9. Would you please enter your address as it is in your utility bill?
  10. Select your sub.
  11. Enter your city.
  12. Enter your area code.
  13. Select your province.
  14. Select your source of income.
  15. Enter a password. I recommend using a strong password that will be hard for your friend to guess.
  16. Leave view odds as Decimals the way it is.
  17. Tick the next five boxes that request to send you promotions, registration confirmation email, acceptance of age being above 18, Agreement to terms and conditions, and agreeing that Hollywoodbets can send you money via ETF only available in South Africa.
  18. Skip the referral number
  19. Enter the code in the green box and scroll down a bit to submit

Congratulations, you just completed Hollywoodbets registration. It’s time to verify the Hollywood bets Account by uploading FICA documents. See the process below.

Hollywoodbets register

Upload FICA documents

Hollywoodbets FICA documents upload.

Upload FICA documents

If you verify your Hollywoodbets account by uploading FICA documents, your withdrawal requests will be processed. To very your Hollywoodbets account, follow the guide below to upload your FICA documents.

  • Visit the Hollywoodbets FICA page by clicking here or visit the mobile version of Hollywoodbets and click Upload FICA now.
  • The FICA page will appear. Enter your ID Number / Account Number, Cell Number and upload a clear picture of your ID(passport/driver’s license) front and back.
  • Tick the next box to confirm that you upload a smart card ID if you upload an ID with information front and back, just like an ID card.
  • Then upload the back of the ID card.
  • Next, upload the picture of your proof of address, basically your utility bill.
  • Tick the box that confirms that your uploaded documents are true copies of the original documents, and click submit.
  • The verification doesn’t take more than 15 minutes. Therefore, if your verification documents are rejected or accepted, you will receive a mail from Hollywoodbets stating your verification status.
  • Now you have completed the verification of your Hollywoodbets account, and it’s time to make some deposits and start placing bets.


fund Hollywoodbets

 How to fund Hollywoodbets Account

It is absolutely easy to deposit funds in Hollywood bets. There are three major deposit options in Hollywoodbets: Payfast, Credit card, and bank deposit. Login to your Hollywoodbets account.

Click the red button labeled DEPOSIT and proceed with the steps below according to your favorite deposit option.

Deposit via PAYFAST.

Payfast is a payment processor that helps process payments fast and easily. To fund your Hollywoodbets account using Payfat, on the deposit page, click Payfast and enter the amount you want to deposit and submit it. You will be redirected to the Payfast page, where you are to enter your payment information and completed the payment.

Deposit via Credit Card.

Here you make payment using your credit card details. Once you complete the payment, your Hollywood bets account will be credited automatically.

Deposit via Bank Deposit.

To fund your Hollywoodbets account via Bank transfer. First, take note of your Hollywoodbets Account number under your Hollywoodbets account. Then navigate to the Hollywoodbets deposit page and select Bank Transfer. You will see the Hollywoodbets bank account details. Hollywoodbets has a bank account in 4 major banks in South Africa – Standard Bank, FNB, Nedbank, and ABSA.

Note that you must include your Hollywoodbets account number as a reference while making the bank transfer. Hollywoodbets has a dedicated team whose job is to credit your Hollywoodbets account once Hollywoodbets receives the money. As a reference. If you are not sure what your Hollywoodbets account number is, click here to find it. It takes 10-15 minutes to credit your account if you do a bank transfer. If your bank deposit did not reflect after 30 minutes, then please send an email to deposit@hollywoodbets.net.



Once winnings, to withdraw funds from Hollywoodbets, you can make your withdrawals online or at any Hollywoodbets with your ID. However, to place a withdrawal online, follow the steps below.

  1. At the top of the page, click WITHDRAW to navigate to the withdrawal page.
  2. On the withdrawal page, you will see two fields to fill in. One is the amount you wish to withdraw. The other is the reference. Fill in the two of them and click submit.

The balance on your Hollywoodbets account will disappear. Withdrawals are processed during banking hours. Your money would be sent to you via ETF. If you did not receive the money after two working days, call the Hollywoodbets accounts department at 087 353 7634.

We believe we have helped you greatly. If you have any questions, please call Hollywoodbets Helpline on 087 353 7634, or you have any questions, please call Hollywoodbets helpdesk on helpdesk@hollywoodbets.net.

hollywoodbets registration. Simple steps to do Hollywoodbets Register
hollywoodbets registration. Simple steps to do Hollywoodbets Register
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